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Segment Looks Good

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

In our last segment (the 6:00-12:00 EST) our depth plot looks normal. However, there are a few climbs where we were a little slow. Possible biology, algae or jellyfish? Maybe the remoras didn't clean 17 throughly? In any event, the normal dive behavior for this time of day is not unexpected. As more information regarding remora behavior becomes available, then it might be possible to figure out how to fly 'evasive maneuvers.'

More important for today is to continue path planning to fly out of the eddy, and conserve energy. Hopefully, the remoras take the 4th of July weekend off!

Everyone enjoy the Holiday and weekend!


7/3 Pallea is king of Europe

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Thats right!  Spain won  the EuroCup.  I however was stuck in the car when the game happened.  We left our scuba course later than expected and we had to listen to the game on the radio.  When 3 announcers are screaming at the same time it is hard to make out what is happening.  I asked Juan Carlos to say bueno when it was good and malo when it was bad.  That was the game for me.

The scuba course was pretty amazing.  The first day was a morning session in the pool learning the basics then an afternoon session in the Mediterranian.  It really wasnt that great.  Really murky water and not much to see.  The next day it was compeletly different.  We suited up early in the morning and went out before the wind picked up.  WOW.  The water was perfectly clear with schools of fish and rock reef everywhere.  We stayed down for about 45 mins.  It was really nice.  I am glad i got my scuba certification out of the way.  I had fun, but i dont think i will go out of my way to go scuba diving again.  If the opportunity presents itself, sure ill go.  I enjoyed the experience but i think i like breathing non bottled air more.

For the past 3 days I have been in barcelona.  This has been my travel plans for the past 2 weeks...

I have been all over the place!

I can tell you, I am totally wiped out right now.  Since Monday we (myself, angel and Neus) have pulled 8am-9pm days.  Serious lifting of heavy things.  We set up 2 high resolution codar sites in the ports of Masnou and Barcelona.  Both locations are very unique and unlike anything i have dealt with so far.  In the port of Masnou, we were very limited to the location where we could put the antenna.  We had to mount it on top of a street light.  It was ridiculous, but in the end it looked pretty good...

There it is, rising high above the tropical jungle.  What an epic battle it was to put that up.  When a 10 lb box is at the end of a 12 footish pole, holy cow, does it require a lot of strength to hoist.  After much trial and error( key word error), we finally got the antenna up.

In the port of barcelona, we were welcomed by the soothing sounds of cement trucks barreling by.  Yes, we were so kindly given a location to set up a Codar site in a cement factory.  The dust is incredible.  Absolutely horrible.  This is what we were dealing with...

This pic was at the end of the day, but there is normally a line of cement trucks filling up and passing by.

These past 3 days have been so satisfying.  When we arrived, there was nothing and now there are 2 operating stations.  The labor was very intense.  Long days and very sore muscles.  The most time consuming part was running the wires.  In port barcelona (above pic) we needed to run the wires under ground from the brick building to the cement wall.  That is 30 meters (+/- 100 feet) .  That is a long way.  We bought a plastic guide to feed the wires through the plastic tubing under ground and found out that all of the cement dust falls into the tubes.   Then when it rains, bingo! you get cement filled tubes.  We had to get specialists to come with high pressure water hoses and blast out all of the debris from the tubes.  Then we went to a Mega-Home Depot (La Plataforma, a construction store only for businesses) and bought a 4mm steel wire to feed the wires through.  When we finally got the wires done, there was a sense of total joy.

Here i am with my favorite toy of the trip...

Now that is power! (insert laugh of Tim 'the tool man' Taylor)

Now that the sites are set up we need to look at the data.  We will be doing this on Monday when Vicente and Javi arrive.  Then we all will look at the radials and see whats up.

Although both of the sites are physically in place, they are not in ideal locations.  Both locations constantly have large vehicles constantly moving.  Both sites have giant retaining walls filled with metal.  The Barcelona site has a giant metal building very close by.  There are a lot of unknowns to contend with, but i hope it works well.

I just heard that the Finesterre site that we fixed last week is still working.  Im glad to know that all our work paid off.

Tomorrow I am going to Montserrat to climb with Javi and I will be leaving Monday evening to return back to Madrid.  It has been a good time.

I have no idea what my internet situation will be like the next few days (surprise surprise) so ill  write when i get a chance.  Hold down the fort everyone and have a great independence day!----Evan