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7/8 – 1 month in

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Hi all,

I am finally back in Madrid. Although traveling was amazing, i have to say i was very tired. Constantly moving around really burns you out. I know, I have it sooooooooooo rough.

This past weekend I hung out with Javi at Montserrat. Javi has got it all. He has 2 dogs, a sweet house, a pool, a garden, awesome patio, incredible view overlooking Montserrat, and a world class climbing destination in his back yard. I had such a good time. We went climbing 3 times. Friday evening we went bouldering in the forest, then saturday and sunday we went sport climbing in Montserrat. The rock there is strange, it is a conglomerate. It is kind of like cement with tons of fist sized rocks stuck in it. Very technical and demanding on your fingers. I completed my hardest onsight lead there 5.10c, then got whooped on everything else. After not climbing for a month, it really hurts to start again. I was and still am sore. Javi is by far the best climber i have been with. He put up a 5.12b like it was nothing. He has pushed the limits of 8a+ 5.14ish. These numbers may mean nothing to you, but pros are climbing in the 5.14 range. He is something else. Thanks for a great weekend of climbing and hospitality!

I now have to adjust to normalcy again in Madrid. I am still working with the codar data. Today i made an instruction manual for installing connectors on the end of the cables.  I cant attach it, file is too big.  I guess you will miss out.

I GOT MY NEW COMPUTER TODAY!  Josh, Courtney and everyone back at IMCS breath easy.

Ill post again tomorrow with some more montserrat pics, but here is a tasty morsel that you might be interested in...

grilled calamari, pretty tasty.  Buen Provecho--Evan