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7/11 Were gonna need a bigger boat

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Good Morning loyal readers,

Yesterday i was very pleased to finally wrinkle out all of the kinks in the script i wrote to process the freak wave data. I found out out some very interesting things about them. They are exactly that: Freaks. I am working with 4 different sites and have about 4 years worth of data. I wanted to see if any particlular time of year has more freak waves than another. My initial hypothesis was that the most incidences would occur during transition months. This is when the majority of the strongest storms pass through and might effect the quantity of freak waves. I really cant say if this is true because i dont have much data and they seem to be relatively evenly spread throughout the year. Also i dont know if they are even associated with storms. I did however find a couple examples that i want to investigate further. The first example includes 3 instances of freak waves within a 24 hour period. They all occurred off the coast of galicia during November 11, 2003. I am going to look online to see if i can find a site that has weather records to see if there was a big storm. The time of year is right and the 24 hour window of time makes it seem like a passing event.

The next event is a freak wave that satisfies both the wave height and crest height criteria. This one i think is a very good example of a freak wave...

i dont understand why these graphs always come out so poorly. I even changed the resolution i printed it at. In this case the significant wave height is 3.71 m. Remember that the significant wave height is the average of the heightest 1/3 of all of the waves. Right before the freak wave comes it looks like there are 3 little waves that are about 2m. Then the big one comes rolling past at a whopping 8.5m. That is a huge difference.

Here is another cool example. This one isnt quite as textbook but it makes up for that in sheer size. ...

This was a big day to begin with. The significant wave height was 8.5 meters. Then the freak wave comes by at about 18m. Gigantic.

I am tentatively planning to meet with Marta at Puertos on the 23,24th of july. I am going to show her these figures and ask for some more data. Now that i have a program to print all of these graphs, it is very easy to run more through it. In particular i am going to ask for data from november 2002. If you remember the Prestige oil spill occurred during a storm during that month. I want to look to see if there were any freak waves recorded during the same time. I think it would be interesting to see if that did have anything to do with that ship's demise.

This weekend I am going with my room mate Juan Carlos to his family's beach house. It is on the Med about 4 hours away from madrid. It should be a good time. Ill have to post some pics of the trip.

Here is a pic of our return trip from the SCUBA course. Everyone here loves this pic. Hopefully you will too...

This is Fernando. Check out his eyes. Sleeping with them open. Haha. He imeditatly woke up after this pic and proceeded to call us all cabrones.

Bye everyone and have a great weekend---Evan