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Post-hurricane SST imagery shows us the path

Monday, July 21st, 2008

The post hurricane Sea Surface Temperature shows the eastern edge of the cold eddy,  RU17 is smack in the middle of the warmer filament wrapping around the outer edge.  This is a very good place to be.  Currents will be to the north.  The glider track shows the serrated edge typical of strong interial waves.  We have many examples of buoys drifting in the ocean that show this behavior.  The move in one direction with the ambient currents but also spin in a small circle due to the intertial waves.

Below we see the general trend is an increasing velocity to the north with the inertial oscillation superimposed.

Putting the SSt image in google earth shows we are inside the warm filament wrapping around the ring that is heading north. This has been our target for several days.  Its good to finally be there.

The altimetry below says we already flew through our target, and the the stronger currents are back east.


The model forecast says we are about to hit the target, and the stronger currents are to the west. 

It is a nice patch of northward current in the model.  Based on the satellite SST, we are already in the bright green northward velocities shown below.

We can ride these currents up to about 40 to 41 N where we pick up a nice patch of water heading east (bight red). 

RU17 will be turned to swim due north at the 12 noon local time surfacing.