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7/24 Its been a while

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Hi everyone,

Sorry I havnt posted a blog in a while, I just got back to Qualitas today after a nice break. My girlfriend visited for a couple of days and i got a chance to explore some of Madrid. Highlights include La Reina Sophia art museum, tapas in the Latina district and a daytrip to segovia. Very fun.

Lately I have been mainly working on 2 projects. Continuing work on my codar project and also i had another meeting with Marta from Puertos del Estado concerning the freak waves. I think that i made a lot of progress at the end of last week with my codar project. I finally got a current map plotted up and it does agree with the drifter. It was rewarding to see this. I then tried to run the program in weekly intervals to deal with memory issues on the computer but it turns out a week is too much data to process. I am going to try again with shorter time periods then in the end lay out all the plots and see how i did. Here is the first plot that i made, keep in mind it is only 4 days worth of data so it is not very impressive...

I hope it looks better on your screen than it does on mine.

So i hope that soon i will have completed this with all the data soon.

Next week I will be working with Vicente on QA/QC on the galician sites.

On the freak waves side. Out of all the records I have looked at, there is an overwhelming majority of freak waves that fit in to one category...

I wrote a 'report' on what i did with the freak wave data for puertos yesterday and today including this fancy graphic and others. Marta said she will read it over the weekend then send me back info on how i should edit it. Now it is 10 pages in english. Im not looking forward to rewriting it in spanish. I think i will be good friends with the dictionary when i have to start translating.

Right now i am reading an article by Dysthe, Krogstad and Muller titled 'oceanic rogue waves'. It is pretty interesting, however it makes many references to "second order random wave theroy". If anyone can sum this up, or first order for that matter, I would really appreciate it. I have looked online and all i can find is other articles that include more greek letters than i know. Either way it is a very good article that includes many extreme examples of freak waves. If you are interested look up the Agulhas current off Africa, it seems like it is a hot spot.

Bye guys, and here is a shot of all of us from this weekend...

PS i got a haircut

Later guys!---Evan