Starting the turn to the east

Tropical Storm Cristobal is now forecast to stay well north of RU17.

RU17 is riding the eastern side of the cold eddy.  Heading northwest along that warm band of water.

 Intertial currents are slowly fading, and we have a current that is due north.  Something we have not seen in a couple of days.  So the current is turning, and we can start turning RU17.

 We will turn RU17 from its present NE course to a new course to the ENE.  The new waypoint will be 40.5 N 44W. We will use RU17's velocity to try to center us in that eastward flowing current we see in the altimetry below. Eric just sent RU17 on a 1 hour CTD sampling mission that he will also use to verify his tuning of its flight characteristics.  Once Eric completes his mission, he will be sending RU17 to the new waypoint.

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