Hurricane Bertha heads off to the Northeast

That was fast.  Hurricane Bertha is now over the colder waters to the north of RU17.

The forecast below shows the hurricane is going to continue tracking rapidly to the northeast

Amazing how as it was approaching us, Bertha dediced to reintensify, going back to Hurricane force winds.  RU17 was in the region with the tropical storm winds (orange), with the hurricane winds just to our west (red).

Waves are now peaked at about 30 foot significant wave height.  Wow.  We were in 10 foot waves during yesterday's glider deployment in Hawaii.  30 footers in the North Atlantic, hard to imagine.

With the storm now past, we can go back to our more efficient flight pattern, and head into those stronger currents we see in the Navy NLOM model.  Justin loves to take the wheel.  Lets see where he takes us.


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