ru17 is looking good and not so good

We got back an mbd list today and some things are looking promising, while others aren't.  Earlier last week, we changed how the glider climbs and dives in an effort to save power: before, it would try to maintain a constant 26 degree pitch angle by moving its battery forward or backward to change the center of gravity and fine tune the pitch.  This causes the battery to move around a decent amount during its climbs and dives, something that we didn't think was necessary.  So, taking the average battery positions since the beginning of the atlantic mission, we commanded the glider to move the battery to one position for climbs and dives and stay there, i.e. don't move, and don't use power. We got back some rewarding data.  Still good casts and pitch very near 26 degrees!

We also got back data on the fin movement and the glider's heading.  These two don't look so good.  We're working with Webb right now to try to figure out what's wrong. There are just too many oscillations in the fin and it tries to go hard over on several occassions.  This fin movement affects the heading, which also is going pretty far beyond its commanded heading.  The team is going to look into this ASAP.


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