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We would have to leave on a Tuesday and the least amount of travel time is around 9 hours...(it's better then the most common 35 hour trip)

  • Each flight has one or two stops but you end up in Horta (which is the town with the marina and Oceanography University) on Faial Island.

Flights from BOS to HOR range from $849 pp up to over $2,000 pp (long flights w/ 2+ stops)

If we need to get to Flores we can take another short flight. (Ferries to Flores and Corvo are rare)

Hotels range from $51 to $145 a night depending on where you stay

OK so say we want to fly into Horta (Faial), and stay one night to get settled in and talk to the University people. Then the next day fly to Flores and make our plan for the glider and stay there for 3 nights and then head back to Horta for a day before flying back home. This would cost about $1,526 per person using the cheapest flights and hotels.

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    What's the date that the RU students will be putting the glider in? Trying to find some potential TV coverage.

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