Off to La Spezia

Tonight we hop the pond to Italy.  We are heading to the European Glider Organization meeting. Glider talks, glider training. We'll work on plans for the RU17 turn around in the Azores, and the continuation of the trip to Spain.

RU17 is in a low velocity region, but the current is heading north. You can see the warm water in between the two eddies heading north. The currents seen by the glider are smaller than what we expect from the altimetry. The smaller currents mean we need to use our glider velocity to head east.  So we turned RU17 to the ESE.  We hope the small southward component will get us into the target eddy that is to our southeast.  The new waypoint is on the northern edge of this eddy.  The SST front says the western edge of this eddy is about 135 km away.  And the point we are heading to is about 245 km away.  We are flying slow now, down to about 10 cm/sec.  Usual trouble at night, we don't always make it to the top of our undulations and have to head back down.  But its real cloudy in the area, and the moon is going into is final phases before the new moon, so we always see a deterioration in performance with the new moon.

We'll keep working these eddies, trying to get to the Azores before finals.  If we don;t beat finals, we may have to wait for the intercession between semesters.



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