To call the Azores

So here is the process to call internationally from a Rutgers phone. 

To call outside the RU campus-99

To call internationally-011

Country code for the Azores-352

Then area code and number 


So saying the number we wanted to call was area code 123 and number 456-789, the full number would be 


(The numbers in the azores only have 6 digits as opposed to our 7)


2 Responses to “To call the Azores”

  1. Luis Says:

    Just a small correction: the country code for the Portugal (the Azores islands belong to Portugal) is 351.

    Presently our phone numbers are unified to a 9 digit number system (starting by 9 for mobile lines and starting by 2 for land line).

    If you have any questions just let me know!

    @ Lisbon, Portugal

  2. Katie Says:

    Thank you. 532 was a typo on my part