Tropical Storm Tuesday

RU17 is currently located near 40 N, 37 W, heading east.  Tropical Storm Omar is at 34 N, 51 W, moving northeast at 13 knots. Yep, Omar is heading directly at The Scarlet Knight, due to arrive about tuesday.  Our third tropical storm this trip.

Tropical Storm force winds are likely in our region.  Forecast Discussion on the NOAA National Hurricane Center website has the highest winds concentrated on the southeast side of of the storm, the side that will hit RU17 if Omar continues on this path.


Signficant Wave hieghts in Omar right now are running in the 15-25 foot range.  Big waves again.  We'll do the usual rigging for storms - stay a littler deeper on our top inflection points.  Unlike the many gliders we purposely fly into storms and hurricanes, we like to keep RU17 away from the rough treatment.  We have little idea what RU17 actually looks like 5 months into this voyage, so we are minimizing risk where we can.

Below is the track of RU17 and the forecast track of Omar overlaid on the satellite Sea Surface Temperature.  Now we have 2 reasons to run to the east as fast as possible, first to avoid Omar, and second to get ourselves out to the Azores and back before final exams.

Below is the cloud front that OMAR is running along.  We hope this front moves east and clears the skies over RU17.   We are right on the edge of the cloud front, and Omar looks to be running along it.

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