Greetings from the coolest place on Earth--literally!

Besides the beautiful scenery here, the NORUS workshop has been very productive.  The purpose of NORUS is to establish an international partnership between Norway and U.S. students and to study the effects of climate change on biological interactions.  We have had a lot of professors educating us about the Arctic so that by 2011 we can address biology and climate interactions in the Arctic and eventually publish our findings.

After collaboration, we have plenty of ideas and objectives for the next workshop in the Fall of 2009 in San Luis.  We decided we wanted to focus on biology-ice interactions and how organisms are affected by ice melt-off, so to obtain our goal we want to measure nutrients, algae blooms, attenuation and currents.  We are taking this project one step at a time, but for now the procedure to implement this problem is as follows:

1. The area of research in the Arctic needs modelling.

2. Send a glider/REMUS to test fluorometry, productivity and bathymetry of ice edge

3. Send out the glider twice: Spring 2010 and spring 2011

4. Those focusing on biology need to figure out which sensors they need so that Rutgers and Cal Poly can check to see if we could supply instruments.

Also in NORUS we discussed what Rutgers can do to help Norway advance technologically.  The Norway part of the group LOVES the idea of putting a glider into Norway and have it travel to Svalbard!  Therefore Rutgers and Cal Poly must identify the sensors we have and do not have for the gliders/ AUVs and then notify the Norwegians; this will then determine the amount of research we can do in the future.  As for RU, we were discussing how effective CODAR would be in Norway along with the glider.

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In other news, everybody gets along so well here!  There are 15 people involved, 10 of them as students.  We laugh, drink, and are very merry :).  Not to mention that you can't go wrong with the scenery here!

That's all for now!

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  1. student Says:

    hey we didnt realize that you guys are posting!! LOL we thought that we were suppose to be posting in the "Atlantic Crossing" blog? Glad to see what you are doing and gla dthat you guys are having a wonderful time! Learn all that you can!

  2. student Says:

    pictures! pictures! pictures!

    shan, em, dakota and josh 🙂