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Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

The Scarlet Knight continues east along the temperature front towards Spain and Portugal.  Currents are small - about 10 cm/sec and often less. Scarlet is about 625 km from the European EEZ, and she just hit the 900 km mark for distance to the center of the CODAR surface current field of Galicia.   We have been making good use of the AIS data on ship tracks and are finding a lot of vesselts operated even offshore of the shipping lanes.  We may have to loiter even farther out to sea than we first expected.


Zooming in on the currents between Scarlet's present location and the EEZ lines, a path following the currents (yellow line) adds about 100 km to the journey to the EEZ.  The question is can we keep up our average number of kilometers made good per day. The bological growth on Scarlet is continuing, and this additional growth is steadily slowing her down.   We are looking for ways to either speed up the glider or slow down the barnacles. We are meeting with our colleagues from Teledyne Webb Research tomorrow in DC, and we'll be going over the options.


Meanwhile, Drake is continuing to fly north into small currents.  With Drake, we'll head due north to about 25 N, then turn NE till we get to 26.5 N.   From 26.5, we want to start running a section due east, hopefully to the Canaries.