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Late night plans

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

The intense vessel traffic we are seeing off Spain & Portugal is causing us to move our target location for pickup further offshore.  We are now looking at 12 W (thick green line in the image below) as the potential line of closest approach.  This is inside European waters (thin yellow arcs), but outside of most of the vessel traffic we are seeing.  The 12 W line is about 144 nautical miles from Vigo (thick yellow line), or, by ship, a 12 hour steam at 12 knots.  Its a good way to remember locations and distances -  12 W is 12 hours out at 12 knots.  Scarlet is about 740 km from the 12 W line if you measure pathlength along the thick red line.  Assuming 20 km/day, thats 37 days, or mid-November.   But Scarlet is slowing down, likely due to biological growth, and we can't count on our ability to maintain the normal clean speed.  Our target time of early December for pickup remains our best guess.


Zooming in to Scarlet, she has moved into the clounterclockwise eddy currents.  We hope it boosts our speed.


Heading over to Drake, we see he will be ready for a new waypoint tomorrow.  We'll head north for another surfacing or two. Then on Sunday, we will turn northeast to 26.5 N, 54.0 W, a waypoint that is about 310 km away.