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Storm update for 27 and the Spanish Coast

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Hey all

Over the past couple weeks we have been looking at oceanweather monitoring day by day wave heights for the area about 10 deg west off the Spanish/Portuguese coast and heights dont seem to have been reaching above about 8 ft except for last night when waves off the southern brim of the Bay of Biscay where waves reached up to about 12 ft.


Spanning this previous week a large surge has been crossing the Atlantic bearing down on 27's position and bringing waves that were up around 20 ft, but as it reached the Azores it seemingly has come to a halt in its eastern progress and has been split to the north and south leaving our area off the Spanish coast at its normal conditions.

We have also been looking at the archived weather data of temperature and weather conditions for the area for 2008, 2007, and 2006. We looked at the window between Nov 25th to Dec 5th and temperatures ranged from 11-18 deg C (52-64 deg F) and each year had an average of 5 days of rain, 3 days of considerable amount of haze and the rest being clear.

for next week Justin and I will continue to look at previous weather patterns and monitor current weather and wave conditions.

nilsen and justin

Historic Crossings!

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Our group is in charge of making a comprehensive list of all the major historic crossings (the list that Ru27 will soon make!)

We have the different categories broken up into:
-First Steam Powered Ship
-And Many More
- Individual Sailors
-And More
-Garbage Masses
-Some More Interesting Surprises!

Eventually we will compile all of the maps of the most accurate crossing data that we can find and place it into Google earth with the goal to create a KMZ file where we can compare Scarlet's path with those of other historic missions!

Below is an initial view of the Google earth file. The red track is one of Christopher Columbus's tracks to the Americas while the green is his path back to Spain.


Happy Columbus Day Everyone!
-Historic Crossing Group
Katie (Erin and Dan)

New potential for Google Earth?

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

This past week Chris and Jason both began their hands-on practice on inputting data imagery into Google Earth. The next step, after some more different types of practice, will be manipulation of raw data imagery for proper input into the program.

Google Earth is a free download, which can be found at this website.

Research into Google Earth Pro for 3-dimensional data input potential is still inconclusive. The website is rather vague about the additional features. There seem to be four major features that Google Earth Pro offers over the standard Google Earth. They are as follows:

-GIS Data Import: Import your geographic information systems (GIS) data and style it into meaningful overlays.

-High Resolution Printing: Print high resolution images (up to 4,800 pixels) for use in your presentations, posters, and reports.

-Radius and Area Measurements: Measure the area of a property or analyze the land with a radius search all from your desk.

-Spreadsheet Importer: Map thousands of addresses in the time it takes to find a single address with an easy-to-use spreadsheet import tool.

While all of these features would indeed be useful to us in their own ways, 3-dimensional x,y,z data inputs are not clearly advertised. However, a seven day free trial is available for download, so this week I will be downloading the program to research first-hand the possibilities it holds.

-Dave, Chris, and Jason

Lots of boats outside the shipping lanes!

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Below is a recent screenshot of the boating activity taken from There have been a lot of ships west of the shipping lanes.

10/13/09 12am

The shipping team has been continuing to researching fishing activity and will post an update on the findings soon.

-Shannon, Amelia, and Leo