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Scarlet and Drake continue northeast

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Yesterday Scarlet passed the 6,600 km mark.  This morning's path length is 6,622 km.  Drake has steadily grown his path length up to 2,318 km.  Both are heading to the northeast up to a latitude where they'll turn east.  Just like the ships in the pre-chronometer days when the mariners could not tell their longitude.


Overlaying the Satellite sea surface temperature composite for the last week we see more and more gaps in the coverage due to the cloudy fall weather.  Coverage will continue to degrade as winter approaches.  Luckily the satellite altimeters see through the clouds.


Zooming into Drake, he continues to make steady progress to the northeast, threading the needle between the southwest currents to the right and to the left of the present path.  Our intension is to turn east somewhere between 26 N and 26.5 N.


Scarlet also continues on a northeast path up to 42 N, where we will turn east and head toward the European EEZ (thin yellow arcs).


Zooming into Scarlet, the reported currents are generally to the east, the good news.  Even with the small currents, Scarlet made about 19 km over the last day.  She is slowing down.


Discussions today will be with Teledyne Webb Research to weigh the options for speeding her up, and with Puertos del Estados on the next round of planning for the pick up.