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Atlantic Fleet Update

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

The IOOS glider and the Navy Glider where both recovered from the Mid Atlantic Bight testbed this last week.  Both provide subsurface temperatures to compareto fisheries surveys, both provided assimilation data for our three regional dynamical forecast models, and both provided test data from the new Seabird glider CTD.  The storm front with sever rains that we just experienced yesterday is moving offshore, and the tight storm over the western North Atlantic is heading towards Europe.


RU15 remains in the water on the Middle Atlantic Bight Shelf, completing and ONR optics and data assimilation mission just before the start of the NSF Ocean Observing Initiative Experiment.


Drake is heading northeast and is only 1/4 of a degree south of 26.5 N.  Once we hit this latitude, somewhere around 55W, we'll turn east.



Scarlet has found some favorable currents within a few degrees of our steering direction. Her navigation calculations indicate that the current is flowing at 16 cm/sec, and she is flying at 20 cm/sec, both in the same direction, clicking off 10 km in the last 8 hour segment.  We'll continue this downstream direction at noon today.


Zooming out on the atlimeter's surface current map, it is 390 km to the red target star, and 370 km to the edge of Spain's Exclusive Economic Zone (thin yellow arc).