CODAR update: PLOCAN Data


This week the CODAR group attempted to plot the data that we have acquired from PLOCAN in the Canary Islands. Unfortunately, things did no go as planned.

plocanAs you can see, the data has large gaps and follows no specific pattern. It is most likely a small error in the MATLAB code that is causing all of the data to plot incorrectly. Every minute of work is one step closer to achieving our goal. This week is going to be dedicated to debugging all of our plotting tools, including our CODAR scripts.

Another note, surface currents off the coast of Spain seem to be predominately North switching to East at various points throughout the day. The good thing is that surface current velocities in the area that we want RU27 to  complete its mission are well below 50 cm/s, mostly around 30cm/s, for the most of the day. This is very promising for our mission.


Mike and Lisa

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