Data for Drake

We found a data site that has plots of temperature, salinity, and pressure for an eastern boundary buoy at 23.8 degrees N, -24.1005 degrees E in 2005.  They have plots from 20m to 4850 m from the RAPID-MOC monitoring array.

eb1-3tsuThe above plot is a culmination of all of the depths but they also have individual plots from mid November to mid December in 2005.

We also put in a request for more of the mooring data since the data is restricted.

Additionally we looked over the plotted data for the glider mission in Sept. 2008 around the Canaries which includes plots of salinity, potential density, potential temperature, and pitch.

Lastly we looked at the gridded mooring data available for the western and eastern boundaries on the RADID-MOC array.  Below are vertical temperature profiles from April 2004-Oct 2007.  We would be interested in the Eastern boundary which in the bottom profile.


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