Slow Gliders, Fast Cars, and Global Maps

Katie here with a continuation of our historic crossing information.

This week we began creating a final set of Kml files for our historic crossings. There will be three files with three different categories: Ships, People, and Other.

In addition we began creating a chart of the speeds of different objects compared to the gliders.
So far our chart looks like:

Object Speed
Ship 1183.22
Sailboat 257.2
Human Walking 134.1
Human Running 1250
Slow Car Speed 670.57
Fast Car Speed 2011.68

All objects are measured in centemerts per second.
As you can see the gliders are very slow compared to the other objects. Even slower then an average walk. To compare to a person a glider moves about the same pace as a slow walk. Which means that with large waves or currents the glider gets tossed around.

We wish scarlet good luck with her last leg and hope she gets there safely!

(Erin, Dan)

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