Weather Group Update Week of 10/19/09

Hello all,

This week we have shifted our focus to include current weather data along the Portuguese and Spanish coasts.  It looks like they will be predicting rain around mid-week due to the formation of a low pressure system in the North Atlantic, as shown by the following images which  show the weather pattern that will effect Western Europe over the coming week.

North Atlantic Weather Map 10/19/09 Satellite

North Atlantic Weather Map 10/19/2009 Data archives for the week of October 19 2008

Lisbon, Portugal-  Very Little rainfall. Excellent Visibility. Temp range: 20-22 deg. C

Vigo, Spain-  Areas of patchy fog made for low visibility. Temp range: 15- 20 deg C

Data Archives for the week of October 19 2007

Lisbon, Portugal-Excellent Conditions. Visibility Good. Little to no rainfall. Temp range: 22-25 deg C

Vigo, Spain- Patchy for and some rain over the course of the week. Poor Visibility. Temp Range: 16-23 deg C


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