Weather Group Week of 10/27/09

Hello all.

This week we focused on finding more detailed data in the archives for the last week in November. As per usual we also included the current weather conditions of the region as well as a current look at the Jet Stream.

As of Monday this is where the Jet Stream was located.

Current European Jet Stream

The current weather model is shown here:Current Weather Pattern

Current Satellite Image:

Current Satellite Image

Current Regional Cloud Cover:

Current Cloud Cover

Archived Weather data for the last week in November 2008:

Vigo: Rain and Fog. Visibility was poor. The temperature ranged from  3-6 deg C

Lisbon: Some Rain. Decent Visibility most days. Temperature ranged from 8-12 deg C

Archived Weather Data for the last week in November 2007:

Vigo: No rain but heavy fog. Poor Visibility. Temperature ranged from 1-10 deg C

Lisbon: Clear with excellent visibility the whole week. Temperature ranged from 10-17 deg C

Thats all for now!

Justin and Nilsen


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