200 Days at Sea. 6 Kilometers to go.

At 11 am this morning local time, Scarlet surfaced and reported currents to the SE at 15 cm/sec.  So the current speed is still high, but they have rotated around counterclockwise, starting at South and switching to southeast.  If this rotation trend continues, it will align the currents more with the geostrophic currents, and it will push us closer to the Spanish EEZ.  Our glider heading was maintained at NE.


Looking at the big clock, today is our 200th day at sea.  We have flown 7,275 kilometers. For flight distance remaining, we have measured it several times, and have discovered that precise distance measurement is not a strength of google earth.  Our best estimate is that we are just under 6 km from the edge of the Spanish Exculsive Economic Zone marked by the thin yellow arcs.  Our last segment covered a distance of 6.5 km.  We expect to be very close to Spanish waters at the 7 pm surfacing.  If the current rotates more towards the east, we cross.  If the current rotates more to the south, we'll be a few kilometers shy, and the crossing will occur at the 3 am surfacing. Either way, I bet we are watching.

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  1. Zdenka Says:

    Congrats on this amazing feat. Am watching the tweets to celebrate from afar your victory. An amazing boost for ocean observing and the very essence of what IOOS is all about

  2. Steven Morris Says:

    Not too surprising there are about a gazillion web sites that show how to calculate distance given the coordinates of two points. I don't remember it off hand but the equation is quite simple. Google knows all!

    Great job team. I've been following you since about 2000 Km and it has been a trill.

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