23 kilometers

Antonio sent in a series of images this morning based on the model currents. In those images we see that current flowing south along 13 W as the main feature in front of us.


Guidance from U. Colorado from the satellite altimeters similarly has that current flowing to the south along 13 W.   Altimetry also says there is a strong current to the east just inside that green zone on the chart below.  We want to head towards the northern edge of that eastward current.  That approach would allow us to jump into the counterclockwise rotating eddy marked by the yellow circle.    As planned, we moved the waypoint 15 minutes to the north.  This moved our heading from 60 degrees to 45 degrees.  We are heading NE as planned.   Scarlet just surfaced right at the western edge of a jet to the northeast that we see in the altimetry.  In fact, she is directly beneath one of the arrows on the map.  We hope to follow this current into the Spanish EEZ.  We are about 23 kilometers  directly offshore of the Spanish EEZ.  The distance along our heading of 45 degrees is 27 km.  Scarlet just flew about 6.5 km during the last 8 hour segment. If this continues we should be within a couple kilometers of the Spanish EEZ  tomorrow at the 11 am surfacing.  That makes the most likely crossing point the 7 pm surfacing (U.S. east coast time) on Friday.  Looks like my students will need to show up for class tomorrow at 11 am.  We'll continue to refine the estimate every 8 hours with each surfacing.


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