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Compensating for Biology

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Its Thanksgiving here in the U.S., so most of us on this side of the Atlantic where home. But something offshore Spain was hard at work.  We weren't spinning, but something pulled us to the right so that the fin was hard over, trying to keep us on course.  Whatever it was, it stopped at 11 am this morning, so its still a bit of a mystery.  We'll continue to watch this, and look for a pattern.  We've seen day-night patterns in behavior, and new moon, full moon behaviors.  


Right now our plan is to head northeast, so we'll compensate by steering a bit to the left.

NORUS workshop 2

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Hey all!

The purpose of our journey to San Luis Obispo was to educate the participants of the NORUS program of new technologies that could be used to research the changing Arctic environment.  Additionally there were many opportunities to have fun.  For example, we started the workshop by hiking in a state park:img_14621

Monday 23:

On Monday, John Kerfoot gave an detailed overview on the "guts" of the glider and the programming required to run a smooth mission.img_1609After putting RU16 back together, we brought RU16 out to a ballasting tank on the Cal Poly Pier to prepare it for a brief mission along the California coast.pic_0024


Tuesday 24:

On Tuesday we quickly went through the mission planning for 16's trip around California and got out on the Zodiac to deploy.img_1701

After deployment Cal Poly participants informed us about the IVER 2, a propelled AUV that uses sonar to monitor the coast. Although the IVER2 run short-term missions, it is very efficient and is low cost.img_1734

Scott Layton, Cal Poly

Scott Layton, Cal Poly


Wednesday 25:

On Wednesday, Mark Moline educated us on the REMUS, another AUV.  It is like the IVER2 because it runs short-term missions, however it carries more sensors and has a GPS system.  The students had a short competition to write code for a mission that was then carried out a little ways off the pier. img_1770img_1783

We then learned about crawlers, which are small tank-like sampler that crawl along the bottom of a basin and take samples; and ROVs, which are small, tethered, and remotely controlled robots.img_1807img_1815


Thursday 26:

On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving the "California way" by learning how to surf and having a nice traditional thanksgiving dinner (including turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes) at a country club.img_1831


Friday 27:

Friday, we worked as a group on the lay out of the NORUS website,, and discussed future workshops in Tronjheim and Svalbard.  Also mentioned are relevant courses taught at UNIS in Svalbard that are to happen at the beginning of May and in mid September (

That's all for now.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and break!

Dani, Katie, Colin, and Nilsen