29 Kilometers

Our friends at Puertos del Estado http://www.puertos.es/es/index.html are doing an amazing job preparing for Scarlet's arrival in Spain.  Our partners there, and the many critical oceanographic measurements they maintain and make available on their website, made Spain the natural choice for landfall on this trans-Atlantic mission.



Checking in on Scarlet first, we see she is now 29 km offshore of the Spanish EEZ.  The morning currents are to the southeast.  The wobble we see between northeast and southeast currents  is characteristic of an easterly current with inertial waves superimposed.  Inertial waves usually are an indication of an abrupt change in the windfield, often due to a storm.  The inertial waves spin in a horizontal circle and often persist well after the storm has passed.


Checking the google earth clouds (white) and weather radar (green), we see a storm slamming into the U.K., and a line of clouds that trails off across the northwest tip of Spain.


Checking the ship observations and surface pressure field, strong winds are heading at the northwest tip of Spain.


Checking the wave forecast, we see the strongest waves are offshore and to the northwest of Spain.


Checking into the Puertos website, we see the wave heights are still low for Spain, running 2-3 m, well below the 8 m high waves we experienced over the weekend.  Amazing how your perspective changes.  We are looking at 2-3 m waves and thinking the weather is good.  Puertos has warned us to expect severe weather.  We hear that out on the recovery vessel, the weather will either be bad or awful.  Its the first time we are hoping for bad weather.


2 Responses to “29 Kilometers”

  1. D.B.Landrith Says:

    Recovery vessel at sea? Did I miss something?

  2. Scott Says:

    Puertos del Estado is providing one of its buoy tender vessels to recover the glider. It is too dangerous to cross the shipping lanes at this point. Eventually we will learn how to do that with gliders, but not with this one. This glider has too much valuable information stored inside.

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