58 Kilometers

Scarlet has found a nice tail current of about 15 cm/sec.  Her own speed was clocked at 17 cm/sec relative to the water.  Nearly 9 km made good over the last 8 hour segment.  Total distance to the EEZ is down to 58 km. We moved the waypoint north again.  We want to ride the outer edge of that loop around the green circle. 


Zooming out to the full region, we are trying to find a safe place to put Scarlet once we get inside the Spanish EEZ.  The currents in the green circle above are no longer an eddy.  The image below shows the eddy that once was there has evolved into a jet headed straight to Lisbon.  Now we instead have two eddies a bit farther north, with the offshore eddy circled in yellow.  If you follow the currents in towards the inshore eddy, your path will look something like the black line.


If you now superimpose a snapshot of the vessel traffic off Spain & Portugal, we see the black line crosses through a highly trafficed region.  The safer eddy is the one in the yellow circle.  Looks like we will try to follow the current in then stop inside the yellow eddy.


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