75 kilometers to Spanish waters.

Drake continues to make steady progress to the east, holding the line perfectly.  A truly amazing test. We'll soon move the waypoint out farther to the east and keep going.


Zooming into Scarlet, we see she is 75 kilometers (thin white line) from the Spanish EEZ (the thin yellow arc).  The pitch adjustment made yesterday looks like it increased Scarlets forward speed to 16 cm/sec.  Thats nearly 14 km/day on her own.  Satellite altimetry says currents are also to the east.



Planning for where we send Scarlet once she enters the Spanish EEZ has become the topic of discussion. The eddy that was in the green zone has evolved into a loop in a strong jet that heads south to Lisbon - our Plan B for recovery.  The yellow zone shows an eddy that has developed inside the Spanish EEZ and is offshore of 12 W (think yellow north-south line). Thats one place we can park. Another option is to try to ride around the outer edge of the loop in the green zone, jump out and head in along the orange  line.  The worry there is the increase in ship traffic.




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