A New Roadmap from Spain

Ever since Scarlet entered Spanish waters, she has been fighting with a strong current to the south.  Our usual geostrophic current maps derived from the satellite altimeter have not been of any help.  The currents calculated from space are not agreeing with what Scarlet sees on the ground.  Especially worrisome this morning was the strong current to the southwest running at 22 cm/sec.  This is something we cannot fly against, so we have to turn sideways to it, and find more favorable currents.  But which way to turn?  Should we run perpedicular to this flow to the SE and try to get closer to shore? Or should we try to the NW?  Guidance from our usual source, the geostrophic currents, can't be trusted.


That means we must turn to the models, where all the forcing is included.  Just minutes ago Antonio sent me this result from the model runs he is looking at.  We find Scarlet is on the western edge of a strong jet up to 0.6 knots in speed that is heading to the southwest.  The current is too broad to cross without being swept back out to sea.  Our best alternative is to favor the NW route, even though it seems like we are turning back away from Spain.


Below we zoom into the location of Scarlet at the edge of the jet.  We'll start this turn by heading more to the north at the 11 am surfacing.  


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