Compensating for Biology

Its Thanksgiving here in the U.S., so most of us on this side of the Atlantic where home. But something offshore Spain was hard at work.  We weren't spinning, but something pulled us to the right so that the fin was hard over, trying to keep us on course.  Whatever it was, it stopped at 11 am this morning, so its still a bit of a mystery.  We'll continue to watch this, and look for a pattern.  We've seen day-night patterns in behavior, and new moon, full moon behaviors.  


Right now our plan is to head northeast, so we'll compensate by steering a bit to the left.

One Response to “Compensating for Biology”

  1. DBLandrith Says:

    It's now evening on the 27th out West. I watched Rutgers football win, Scarlet Knight is holding station, and Investigador has passed Gibraltar-course for Vigo.
    Happy Thanksgiving.