Friday night, its party time!

I have been flying gliders for 6 years with my team.  There are times when you have an experience when all is amazing and you feel like you have seen the future.  Today during the 2 PM telecon, I saw the future and lived the potential.  I feel rich.  We have Hyperion providing an overflight around 11 tomorrow. I asked David, "How many of gliders can I get into the Hyperion swath?"  David over the web pulled up the Google Earth module, dragged the time icons, and he  showed the projected area  that can be serviced by several of the gliders.  For a stupid and ocean boat guy, this was mind blowing.  Wow.  I managed to grab the figure, it is posted below.  This was one quinestial moment  for a glider pilot and is a game changer! Wow.


The waypoints were uploaded later in the day.  The gliders are making good progress and we will see how they do tomorrow.  The glider positions tonight are making progress.  The Blue Hen is making great progress, it will be central to making progress as the weekend ends.  It is late, my son's b-day tonight, so the full environmental report is tomorrow.


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