JPL Executive summary for 11/4/2009

JPL Executive Summary of 11/04/2009

Winds have switched to Northwesterly. NAM forecasts indicate weak winds Thursday in from the southeast direction. Northwesterly winds will resume Friday but increasing amplitude (up to 30 knots by the end of Friday). We continue to receive four ocean model forecasts daily. These model forecasts are compared with the daily mean observed surface current. It should be pointed out that the server that has HF Radar failed overnight. At least the Rutgers’ group is rerunning their model that will be available later today. We continue to generate the multi-model ensemble forecast based on the equal weighting method. There is a good agreement on the current flowing in the southwest direction, although the ensemble model forecasted current is significantly weaker than observed. There are discrepancies for the in/out flow at those major fresh-water input locations. All three gliders are moving along the predicted path, but at a much slower speed

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