JPL Executive summary for 11/7/2009

Executive Summary of 11/07/2009

Northwesterly winds are observed today. Wind amplitude has been decreasing and will reach a minimum later Saturday. NAM forecasts have shown excellent agreement with the buoy measurements. NAM indicates a break increase of winds late Saturday and early Sunday in the northeast direction. Very weak (~ 5 knots) wind conditions are predicted into Sunday in the northeast direction. We continue to get excellent SST images for Thursday. The ensemble forecasted surface current averaged over Thursday shows a good agreement with the HF radar data, although with somewhat weaker amplitude. The outflow from the NY harbor is clearly reproduced by the ensemble model. New images are added comparing the glider profiles of temperature and salinity with the four models. In general, the models are doing well in simulating these vertical profiles. Major discrepancies are also evident with large temperature (over 1 degree) and salinity (over 1 psu) differences. EO-1 satellite overpass will be later today, and the data/images from the onboard Hyperion hyperspectral imager are expected to be available Monday or Tuesday.

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