JPL executive summary for November 6

Executive Summary of 11/06/2009

Winds have switched to Southeasterly today as predicted. NAM forecasts indicate weak winds Thursday and Friday. Northwesterly winds will resume Saturday with strong wind as high as 30 knots. Excellent SST images are obtained on Tuesday. In addition to the multiple bands in the SST, there is a strong outflow of cold (and probably fresh) water from the NY harbor into the sh lf break (shown in both the GOES and MODIS composite images). The cold water outflow from the NY harbor is evident in some models (e.g., HOPS), although with much weaker amplitude, certainly due to the coarse spatial resolutions. The HF radar data clearly show this strong current near the entrance of the NY harbor. The equal-weighted ensemble model forecast shows a relative weak offshore current in this region, mostly due to the fact that some models (e.g., ESprESSO) have strong current than others. All three gliders are moving along the predicted path.

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