Meet The Scientists!

p10107861Currently here at Palmer Station there are 7 scientists representing 3 different groups. In the picture to the left starting in the back row and working our way across we have Kristen Gorman, Maggie Waldron, Brian Gaas, Tina Haskins, Alex Kahl, Jenn Blum, and Dan Whiteley. Kristen and Jenn represent B-013, their work consists of the monitoring of various seabird species around the peninsula including the Penguins. Their PI is Bill Fraser, who has been coming to Antarctica since 1974 monitoring various seabird colonies, primarily the Adelie penguin. Maggie and Dan work under Hugh Ducklow and are exploring the world of microbial ecology and population dynamics here in the Western Antarctica Penisula. AKA they are the bacteria folks on station. Lastly, you have us Phytoplankton nerds in group B-019 working for Oscar Schofield. One of the things we are trying to understand is how changes in phytoplankton dynamics, such as an increase in fresher water due to melting ice, propagate through the ecosystem - with such effects ultimately affecting fish, seabirds, and marine mammals. Collecting this information involves various methods including sea water sampling, bio-optics, and the use of AUV's otherwise known as Slocum Gliders.

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    Looking good, keep us posted of the summer down south!