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Hello all,

Just when we thought that things were starting to become easy, a dramatic turnaround happened. The CODAR data that has been streaming in from Spain has stopped coming in. The last available dataset is from October 21, 2009 at 10 pm EST.

Fortunately, we have been busy working on other projects while they fix the CODAR sites over in Spain. Al has gotten us the information that we need (from Antonio) to convert the PLOCAN wind data to a coordinate scale. This will help us plot the direction and magnitude of the data correctly in MATLAB and then import it into Google Earth.marcoos

We have also worked on importing the MARCOOS data into Google Earth. This will help our engineers and pilots in our glider launches in the Mid-Atlantic Bight. This kmz along with the Spain kmz, PLOCAN kmz, and CODAR status kmz will be available on the web shortly.

Mike and Lisa

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