November 3, Morning Update

The gliders have been dancing a nice tango last night.  Evening and morning conversations with Chip & Dave, has us thinking this largely reflects the strong conditions on the shelf.



The currents measured by the CODAR support this interpretation.  Below are the currents from last night and remember the nominal speed of a glider is 20-30 cm/s.  Hopefully currents will lay down and we can start making headway.


What do the forecasts show for currents? Two forecasts for 11/4 are shown below, and they  suggest currents will begin to lay down.  That would be most excellent.



How well are the current forecasts doing?  To look at this we compared model outputs against measured Codar currents.  While there are small differences, on the whole the models appear to be doing very well.  This gives me faith that we will start to make progress today.  We shall see.


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