“Row, row, row your tub?”, and Mother Nature beats out good old mankind once again. Go green.

Hey all!! Here are just a few more paths that we thought you might find most interesting!! Having some technical difficulty with the kmz uploading so they will be up as soon as possible.


One of the paths is of a tub that managed to go from the east side of the Atlantic Ocean to the west side of the Atlantic Ocean by the current system. It is not what you actually think it is. This tub is more of a 6’ unmanned object that is closed over on top so that no water breaks through and sinks it. It is kind of like 27 in a way except for it looks like a giant piece of trash.

Another is a path of a man who used the power of the wind to drive him from Boston, Massachusetts up through Nova Scotia all the way over to Portugal in 55 days!!!!!! Mother Nature rocks!! The best part is that he had no help from motors, batteries, or any other man made part except for the actual boat itself. He beat out the world record for the fastest transatlantic motor boat crossing by 20days. Pretty cool!

If you liked any of those there should be a couple more for you wait to be discovered.

It seems like there are more and more paths that 27 crosses over every time we look in 27’s direction. 27 is a beast!!!!

That’s all folks!!!

~Katie, Erin, and Dan

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