Sitting on the beach with some crazy norweigans!

Katie here with an update from california and the NORUS program. It's officially day 2 and we have already learned so much.

Saturday consisted of a hike through a local state park including tide pooling, rock climbing, and a very adament lecture from mark about poison oak. sun-on-wavesmarkAfter our hike we enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant followed by a glider overview presentation by Rutgers' own John Kerfoot.

This morning began with a walk out to the Cal Poly Pier, a wonderful station that they are letting us borrow for this week. We began with a physical glider overview including what parts go where, and what each part does.  After a few minor problems with the glider, we put the glider in the tank and made sure our ballasting was accurate. We then spent some time working on the program's website: . After this we are going to  have short break and dinner.  We then plan to have a lecture on autonomus vehicles from Cal-polys own Dr. Chis Clark.

Keep your eyes peeled for more pictures and information from the work shop!

-Katie, Dani, Colin and Neils

The NORUS group


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