State of the Ocean and System, Nov 2, 2009

Join the OSSE team!  We really encourage people to check out the sites at:

It is an open site that will allow anybody to join the workgroups.  The goal again is to explore the Mid-Atlantic Bight and to provide as much feedback as possible to the OOI CI team.  The site is outfitted with a series tools and resources. Also check out the web site of the data, in simple check out our ocean!

OK onto business, what is the status of the Mid-Atlantic Bight today?

From our JPL buddies we have the daily update. Weather forecast for 11/01/2009 - Southerly winds are observed during the weekend with a speed around 10. NAM forecasts indicate that the wind will switch to northerly winds by Monday and last for about two days with about the same magnitude. Because of the improved weather conditions, there is therefore excellent satellite coverage for SST. We continue to receive four ocean model forecasts on the daily basis. A multi-model ensemble forecast is constructed based on the equal weighting method. The variance of the ensemble forecast is also estimated and will be used to guide the glider deployment in the coming days. Four model forecasts are also compared with observed SST and surface current. A Google Earth (GE) based web interface is also developed to track the four gliders being deployed.

For the gliders, the three nearshore glider are flying extremely well and are being passed by the offshore glider moving in. We are making good progress.   We had the first CI assisted way-points sent to the gliders last night.  A big step, that now we iterate on to make it more useful. So over the last 12 hours we have had our formation of four gliders.


What are the gliders seeing?  They this morning were seeing strong northward flowing currents. no temperture stratification with a mild cross shore gradient.  As before the particle loads as indicated by optical backscatter.  The regions of enhanced backscatter are also associated with high chlorophyll.






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