Storm warning!

Storm David & all,

I was just informed of the impending weather for our gliders:

This is nearshore, it could be worse where some of the vehicles are:

Right now we are blowing 20-30 knots from the NE, smack into the gliders:

This is going to last into Sunday, its going to be very interesting.

I am not sure what the plans are for the gliders but each one is going to likely fall at least 20 miles to the SW.  Gliders can swim perpendicular to currents and get places but not into them.  I think that is what is happening for ru21.  The predominant current in that area is to the SSW:

I am sending these links because there is a Nor'easter coming and were not going to be able to go anywhere.  These are the links we usually use so that all can track.

No gliders are in danger.

ud_134 is going to be blown quite south.  This might seal the deal on a Delaware recovery I was throwing around.  We will see come Sunday and how we approach this storm and where we end up + remaining battery life.

ru05 will get blown too and hopefully have enough battery to make it back.  We will look at battery levels come end of the week to see if we need to turn off upcast sampling to buy us some time.

What we need to decide is what we want to do for the next 3 days or so for science. Were forcasted 30 knots through Friday.  Do we want to station keep (we will lose but will fall away the least amount) as best we can?  Waypoints to the NE at a decent distance will do this and leave current correction on.  If we want the gliders to get somewhere its going to take some fancy flying and should be discussed on case by case basis and no NE waypoint is likely going to be obtained.  We will start to see the blow soon, ru21 is seeing because of the direction it is heading.

I will continue to monitor the gliders and send out another email if need be.

Thanks for reading.
David Aragon

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