The JPL daily update

JPL Executive Summary of 11/03/2009

NAM forecasts indicate winds in the range of 15~20 knots for the next two days. Northeasterly winds Monday and Tuesday will switch to Easterly by Wednesday and Northeasterly again by Thursday but with much weaker amplitude (less than 10 knots). Even though with more clouds on Sunday, there is still reasonable satellite coverage for SST. We receive three ocean model forecasts Monday. Models still show warmer SST on the shelf break. The variance of the ensemble forecast shows major differences in salinity at the fresh-water input locations. On Monday, ensemble predictions were used by mission planning software to compute optimal current-sensitive submersible paths and retask three Rutgers gliders: ru05, ru21, and ru23. The planned paths from each of the three available models showed good agreement over the area of interest. However, all three gliders didn’t go very far during the last 24 hours, in contrast to the eastward direction as predicted by the ensemble model forecast. Examination of the ensemble forecast variance indicates major differences in subsurface current among the three model forecasts around the current glider locations.

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