The Room Speaks and we have an OOI community decision

Today at the community workshop at the end of lunch, we asked the room to decide on a group mission.  The room has spoken, and the answer is muddeled!!!!!  I gave the room around 100 people 2 choices.  The first choice was to fan out, the second choice was to come together.  In grand fashion it was a 50/50 split, so as a compromise we will bring two gliders together.  And we will fan two gliders out.  So here is the plan

Lets move RU21 and the Blue Hen to meet each other.  The rendevous site is 39 degrees and 26 minutes.

For the other gliders to split them out, RU05 and RU23 lets move them apart.  I don't have any strong opinions so leave that to the roup, I just want to avoid shipping lanes.

I am unlikely going to be able to make the phone call, can the group using the planning tools to drive home the potential to room tomorrow morning.  Make us look smart!!

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