The weekend after…

Well the Nor'Easter has passed.  Lots of storm erosion at the shore and the people are picking up the mess.  Meanwhile the gliders still fly.  We had many interesting conversations on Friday through the weekend.  On Friday, the RU and UDel gliders teams tried to figure out the best strategy to keep us from the beach given the worst case forecasts.  This discussion was had with the 2 gliders being smack dab in the middle of the shipping lane.  In an ideal world, we would have the 2 Southern gliders linger between the shipping lanes until pickup on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  The currents at the time made this look optimistic if not dream land.  But to our relief currents lessened and the gliders regained control and seem to be making a good go of moving where we want.  This bodes well for a Delaware Bay pick-up. The Northern gliders were directed to fly towards Tuckerton for a pick-up  One glider has already arrived and will linger.  The other glider which was advected well to the South is making good progress and should be there in a day or two.  One of the gliders will be cleaned and shipped to California for the US-Norwegian NORUS program next week.



While this was going the team was taking a deep breath with RU27 officially reaching European waters in Saturday.  Pick-up is scheduled for the first week of December.  Drake continues its path across the Atlantic, and the deep water Antarctic glider was launched last week and has surveyed the penguin feeding colony before heading out to sea to survey the shelf. It is never boring but always great to be at sea!




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