Thought from JPL after today’s excellent telecon!

Thoughts from Yi:

As we discussed at the telecon, there is a really interesting outflow feature from the NY harbor,  see attached SST images for yesterday from GOES (11+12 at 6-km), TMI+AMSRE (25-km),  and MODIS (1-km).  All these data are blended using 2DVAR into a 1-km image, also attached.

We just post the SST comparisons with the four models on the CI portal, see attached difference maps (model-observation) for HOPS, NYHOPS, COAWST, and Rutgers ROMS.  As you can see, all four models are warmer in that outflow region, suggesting a weak or no outflow from the NY harbor.  Presumably  there will be a big difference for the salinity signature, that we don't have any observations now.
It would be great if we can send one glider to this area to first map this feature, and second assimilate it into the models to improve their forecasts.








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