Uncertain Seas

Our last course change over the weekend was to turn Scarlet towards shore in Baiona and Vigo.  Current speeds had dropped, and we saw our chance the head towards shore and try to get out of this southwest current that has been holding us back.  Currents reported by Scarlet this morning have now switched, and we see the first northerly flow in over a week.  Our waypoint is northeast, currents are northwest, we are good.  A positive development after a week of difficult navigation.  One very interesting development, in fact the first map I have seen like this along the entire trip, the overlay of the different current guidance products shows we have all compass points covered.  The satellite altimeters (black arrows) say the currents are to the SE.  The HYCOM model (white arrows) say the currents are to the SW.  The glider (white lines along the track) says the currents are to the NW. And we are flying Scarlet to the NE.  Today we continue to examine why our uncertainties in the state of the ocean are so high in this location.


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