Update on a cloudy Tuesday, but it is sunny in our heads….

We had a great telecon yesterday.  I look forward to another great call today! The decision was to conduct two experiments.  The first experiment which was championed by Pierre was to send one glider North to survey the Hudson Canyon which shows some interesting features. Pierre's plan and reasoning was laid out in some figures which I have posted below.





The second experiment was assess how different models impact the glider path planner.  Using the JPL tools we checked with each glider the projected paths over the course of day.  The potential envelops of the glider being able to reach a specific location varied with model, not surprising as all the models show some differences.  This reflects differences in the models, the assimilation schemes, the assimilation data used, etc.  We for each glider chose a track where the "reachability" envelops between the different models showed the greatest differences.  For the three gliders, this lead us to send two gliders to the south and send the third north to complement the glider surveying the Hudson canyon.  we have another satellite pass on the 12th, so today's discussion will need include some of that location choices.  Unfortunately today is very cloudy,,,, it better clear out before the Hyperion system arrives.

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