Weekend update for the OSSE fleet

Yesterday was a great demo.  Using the JPL path planner, we were able to get two gliders into position in the Hyperion swath.  The satellite passed overhead around noon, and the new waypoints for the next mission of the weekend were uploaded by later that afternoon.  Our next behavior test is to have the gliders fly together, and we hope that by tomorrow's telecon we will have a nice glider bollus!  We will discuss as a team during the 2 pm telecon the missions for the coming week.  We will also start planning the missions to be conducted during the OOI community workshop and also how to the support a second Hyperion flight on Novemeber 14.


Hyperion visible image swath below.  Yes not much to look at yet, but getting this coordinated was a great technology success!  Kudos to Steve and his team!!!!


From the science side, winter blooms are cooking, and we can see elevated shelf chlorphyll in the  depths shallower then the 40 isobath in.  The glider data also suggests chlorophyll is enhanced for water depths shallower than the 40 m isobath.



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