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Welcome to Madrid

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

It was a busy weekend split between Thanksgiving celebrations and preparation for the trip to Spain for the recovery of The Scarlet Knight.  So blogging fell by the wayside.  Now we are at the Madrid airport, waiting for the plane to Vigo.  Time to check in on Scarlet after the 3 am EST surfacing.  We see she continues to make progress to the east, the desired direction, and continues to fight the currents trying to push her south.  We'll continue this procedure for the next few surfacings until we meet up with Enrique from Puertos Del Estada in Vigo tonight.  Many decisions on the boat departure time and how we fly the glider for the remaining few days will be made over tonight's dinner. 



The weather watch has begun.   We've been using this web page today at the airport.

Looks like the worst waves over the next few days are early morning on Dec 3, running about 6-7 m in the region around the glider.


Failure is Not an Option

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Team Google Earth

This week we finished picking out some points of interest and put them in Google Earth. Each point of interest is an event that happened with the glider such as a change in deflection depths, fin offset, or bio blips.


We labeled each point of interest with the month, day, and caption that shows what the point represents. If you click one of the points of interest you then get a summary of what happened. Below is an example, but the snapshot does not show the text which fills the box. The points of interest are along the gliders path all the way across the Atlantic, and we will continue to add more points of interest as our project continues.


We are still working on the vertical axis plot of RU27s path underwater, but it is going to take a lot of time and work to complete so it is still in the planning stages.

Dave, Chris, & Jason